(Max Planck Research Groups)

Application Instructions for the Biology and Medicine Section (BMS)


Our Max Planck Research Group Leaders in the BMS are expected to run high risk – high gain projects. We are therefore looking forward to ground-breaking proposals, not a standard job application. Proposals continuing the obvious from the past are less likely to be funded. We will analyze your application with respect to originality, risk, as well as deviation from the mainstream research, and we will not just count impact factors. Candidates thinking “out of the box” are thus particularly encouraged to apply.


The applicant clicks on this link to reach our "Registration Form". Please fill in all requested fields.

Each applicant instantly obtains a personal registration code. In addition, an Email with data and code confirmation is sent to her/him.

The registration code is necessary for the following two steps (Note: These steps are independent in sequence and can be performed during the whole opening period of this call.)

Submission of letters of recommendation by two referees. Deadline: October 22, 2020

The applicant asks two referees to write a letter of recommendation. At least one referee should not be a MPG member. The applicant informs the referees about this website and/or directly about the link to the entry site for the letter, and communicates his/her registration code.

The referees click on this link, fill in all requested fields, and submit a respective file (please use only PDF format!) labelled with applicants family name and the initials of the referee - example: "miller_hkj.pdf").

The referees receive a confirmation of the submission directly and by Email. (Note: Without this confirmation submission was not successful!).

Submission of a PDF application file by the applicant. Deadline: October 22, 2020

The applicant clicks on this link, fills in the registration code, and submits his/her application file. This file should be labelled with applicant's family name and full first name (example: "miller_benno.pdf").

The PDF application file should contain (note the order):
  • a one-page application letter which includes your (up to three) MPI(s) of choice (indicate the order of preference) and a title of your talk in case you were chosen for the symposium (see below)
  • a one-page description of your main achievements so far, your main scientific goal(s) and why you are the ideal person to pursue the suggested research
  • a maximum of three pages summarizing your future research plans, including a statement of whether the proposal is a continuation of your current Postdoc project
  • CV + list of publications (all publications which are freely available in on open acces repository or via a journal's website shall be marked with the label "[OA]"). In case of multi-author papers please indicate your contribution to the paper
  • names and addresses of three scientists who could provide additional letters of recommendation upon request by the selection committee
  • up to three of your most important papers
The applicant obtains a confirmation of the submission directly and by Email. (Note: Without this confirmation submission was not successful!)

Please note: We will only process complete applications that fulfill the requested format and reach us before the deadline. There is no grace period. Both the application file and the two recommendation letters must be uploaded no later than October 22, 2020. Make sure that also your chosen referees match this request!

All complete applications will be reviewed until December 2020 by the expert panel which the applicant has chosen. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to a symposium held on:

February 02 and 03, 2021

In case of problems or additional required information, please contact our Munich office:

E-Mail: mprg@gv.mpg.de

This registration system has been created by GWDG, Göttingen / Germany.